3 Remodel Essentials

Purchasing an older house or updating your current home will save you substantial money. However, you want to renew it,  so it feels more livable. Do these three things to ensure your remodel is successful.

Install New Flooring

Existing homes often have flooring that isn’t cohesive or is out of style. To modernize your home, pull out all the existing carpet and vinyl and choose something versatile and natural you can lay down throughout the house. Having consistent flooring throughout the house will make it feel larger and have a better flow. Wood, like monarch plank storia ii, is a popular choice for this because it is easy to care for, isn’t as cold as tile,  and doesn’t harbor dust like carpet. If choosing wood for your bedrooms, living areas, and kitchen, opt for ceramic or stone in bathrooms with showers, as they respond better to moisture.

Paint the Walls

The pigments in paint discolor,  and paint loses its sheen over time. Giving the whole house a fresh coat of paint will instantly renew it. Patch holes left by previous artwork, and sand down to match the wall. A natural color that will feel new and clean, and will allow your furniture to stand out is white. Remove as much furniture you can from the house, choose a non-VOC paint and let it dry and air out before moving back in.

Reface the Kitchen Cabinets

A clean and modern kitchen itis often the focus of a new house or remodel. You can certainly spend thousands on new cabinets, but if the existing ones are still viable, you can easily reface them. Clean them with TSP, sand them, and then you can either repaint or apply a self-stick veneer. This Old House has a detailed tutorial on refacing here.

Take these three steps in your remodel and enjoy the renewed look they bring.