A Family-Friendly Southhampton Beach Trip, in Photos


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We just got back from our annual family beach trip and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful it was. Located just steps from a white sand beach in the sweetest town of Southhampton, Ontario, my mom and her partner rent a family-friend’s cottage for our whole family each year. This is now our third year in a row, and it’s a tradition that we’ve all grown wildly fond of. It has proven to be the perfect way for us to reconnect as a family.

Though I had prepped a few blog posts to go up while I was in Southhampton (which is always my number one priority), you might have noticed that I stepped back from Instagram while I was gone. It wasn’t intentional, but lately I’ve been feeling the intense pull to only show up when I truly feel like it. When I really have the capacity or something worthwhile to say. I no longer have the desire or the interest to add unnecessary noise or to post for the sake of keeping up with the algorithm (it just doesn’t work for me, personally). 

I’ve been going through a lot mentally, emotionally, and spiritually lately. I’ve had a ton of clarity on topics that I’ve been flip flopping on. And having the time and space to step back and integrate my recent aha moments was really beautiful. So if you do follow along over there, I want to thank you. I really appreciate your support as I navigate what these spaces look like for me going forward. I’m going to be making some big changes around here across the board, and I’m feeling really aligned with the direction everything is headed. 

Additionally, at just over two years old, my daughter is at such a fun age right now and it was beyond special to watch her play with her older cousins in Southhampton all week long. Having a few little people to play hard with all week proved to be so beneficial for her – perhaps making a strong case for a second kid (eek). I’m fully aware that I’m in the thick of my golden years, and I’m feeling as present and peaceful as I can be through it all. I’m so glad I gave myself the gift of checking out (and checking in). For old time’s sake, here’s a little peek at our week, in photos. 

ps – this month’s desktop wallpaper feels particularly fitting – it’s bringing me back

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