Basement Comforts 


Your basement doesn’t have to be a wasted space in your home or a space that is only used for storage. Consider some of the modern designs that are available with basement renovations Hinsdale IL contractors offer. Instead of a basement that is dark and dreary, transform it into a family room that everyone can enjoy. The key to this design is removing portions of one or two walls to install sliding or French doors as well as a few windows. Paint the walls white or another neutral color. One wall can be painted in an accent color. This color can be used as the base for the furniture and the decorations that are in the room. Your family room can then be designed so that it’s comfortable for everyone to enjoy with a couch, chairs, and a television.


Another design to consider for your basement is a home office. Install a bookshelf along one wall to hold all of the books, magazines, and supplies that you need. You can also position your desk and chair near the bookshelf for easy access to the materials that you need for research. When designing your office, make sure you add a heating and cooling source so that you’re comfortable while working. This can also be a space for your kids to complete homework or read in quiet.


If you have family members or friends who spend the night with you, then turn your basement into a comfortable guest bedroom so that they feel at home. You can also turn it into a small apartment for someone who stays at your home for an extended time. Add a bed, a nightstand, lamps, and even a chair and television so that guests have something to do when they don’t feel like socializing or before turning in for bed at night.