Bedroom Design Ideas Get A Better Sleep

After a long day’s work, you finally want to relax your body and mind. The best place for you to relax is your bedroom. This room should be soothing and full of comfort to give you the best relaxation. Yet, the irony is that many people are focused on giving a new touch to their living room, kitchen, and outdoors but overlook the bedroom.

Here are a few tips that will help you design your bedroom to offer improved sleep. You need to devote some time to make the right selection of colors, styles, and furniture. This can be miraculous to your sleep, health and productivity.

Advantages of sleep

Sleep works at different levels of the body. It is an essential requirement for a person. There are several benefits that good sleep can provide to your entire body.

  • It may help in maintaining a healthy weight.
  • Sleep is one of the sources of energy for the body. It makes us feel refreshed after waking up in the morning. This can be seen in terms of increased productivity at whatever task you take.
  • It may safeguard your brain and nourish your nervous system. Enhanced concentration, creativity, better clarity, and sharpness in mind are some of the signs of better sleep.
  • It is good for your heart and may keep your cardiovascular diseases at bay.
  • It may safeguard your immune system and save you from different types of inflammatory diseases.
  • May reduce body pain such as neck pain and back pain. The uniform body alignment it provides to your body gives support to these areas.
  • May aid in the proper functioning of different key processes in the body such as respiration, digestion, assimilation, cell, and tissue renewal process, blood circulation, etc. All this leads to keeping one healthy on mental, physical, and emotional level.


Steps to follow when shopping for a mattress

Mattress shopping needs a lot of research and time. It is not true that an expensive mattress loaded with numerous features will only provide you with comfort. A normal mattress with inbuilt features offers you good comfort that can also be the best option.

To make the best purchase, you need to find the best material, strike the right balance between hardness and firmness, sleep accessories such as pillows, bedsheets, etc. A thorough evaluation of all the available mattress options would help you make an informed decision. There are a few steps mentioned below that will assist you in your mattress purchase.

Research extensively

You need to perform a lot of research as it is one of the most significant purchases that is going to assist you for several years. Before making this expensive purchase, you should not be careless or rushing into making a quick decision.

Looking at the importance of mattress, companies who sell mattresses provide 30 day or 60 days of time to their buyers to test them out properly at home. Before buying a mattress, you must also try lying down on the mattress in the store. If you tend to sweat a lot in your sleep, you should go for the best cooling mattress to ensure comfortable sleep and rest.

Finding out the right size of the mattress is one of the factors that you need to ponder upon. It can be one of the reasons that are preventing you from getting restful sleep. Mattresses come in various different sizes such as King size, Queen size, or Full.

Without a proper understanding of the required size mattress, you can easily get confused at the store. To make your mattress purchase hassle-free, you need to pay attention to each of these aspects properly.


Darkness is very crucial to sink into sleep mode. It has a scientific reason linked to it. The darkness in the bedroom impacts the natural circadian rhythm of the body and mind. The amount of light you find in your bedroom greatly impacts your sleep. Our contemporary lifestyles prevent us from calm and dark environments that we really need for sleep.

Modern devices such as televisions, digital clocks, and vintage-style open-faced alarm clocks, computers, and phones can light up the bedroom. It causes hindrance in rapid eye movement of a person. A few solutions to it is to switch off these digital blue light-emitting devices at least an hour before going to sleep.

Air temperature can affect your sleep.

Another big reason that changes the quality of sleep is the temperature of the room. If the temperature is too low or too high, then in both cases, it prevents you from getting deep sleep. As per research done on people, it has been found that low and cool temperature is conducive to sleep.

It invokes drowsiness quickly and easily. A person is more likely to slip into sleep at a place where the temperature is a little less than the ordinary temperature of the place. To get such an environment, you can make arrangements for a ceiling fan, heavy blinds, window treatments, and a portable heater that can assist a lot.

Soothing sounds and soothing colors

Colors and sounds, both are two important factors that may have a significant impact on the brain, and sleep of a person. It can bring changes in your mood. Organizations are well aware of this fact, and so they focus on choosing the right type of colors and sound to boost the performance of the employees.

If you are at a workplace where it demands creativity then vibrant colors will definitely help in invoking such attributes in a person. If you are at home where you would only need to relax, then peaceful and soothing light and pastel shades would be best.

Light instrumental flute music, sounds of flowing water, birds, etc. would relax all the parts of the body and shut off your conscious mind. To get the benefits of these colors, you can choose the mattress, pillow covers, bedsheets, windchimes, etc. in those colors.

Remove clutter

Clutter is one of those things that can lead to anxiety and sleep deficiency in a person. Once you know this, it is your responsibility to be proactive and remove all the clutter as quickly as possible. The cleaner your house is, the more clarity it will bring to you. The empty space in your house will create a sort of relaxation and peace in your mind.

So, free your house from clutter and make it organized and systematic. Besides a good sleep, another benefit of this aspect will be that your house will look appealing to you as well to everyone who visits your house. This is one of the important ways to design a bedroom to promote better sleep.

Pay attention to the lighting

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of a bedtime routine. It plays a significant role in getting you the best sleep. Warm, and dimmable lights give a signal to your brain to go inwards and dive deep within.

Your brain has its mechanism to decide the right time. Reading light is the way to determine time. So, if you want to sleep at a specific time, then ensure that the light in your room is very dim. Adopting this habit in your daily bedtime routine will do wonders in getting deep and revitalizing sleep.

Say No to screens

Do you know that the blue light that emits from your digital electronic devices such as mobile, notebook, laptop, desktop, television, etc. doesn’t let your mind sleep? It keeps you active and in wake-mode. You need to resist your temptation to perform any kind of activity on these devices and shut them off an hour prior before going to bed. Light music, darkness, and coolness will play a huge role in making your sleep effortless, sound, and quick.

Choose the right sleep system

The right sleep system not just benefits you on aesthetical levels but also on functional levels. It keeps you comfortable and cool throughout the night and assists the body’s natural, and healthy shape.


As you can see there are several factors that contribute to good sleep. Paying attention to your bedroom ambiance, sleeping accessories, and lifestyle habits will surely bring a positive change to your sleep quality. Incorporation of these healthy tips will keep you healthy forever.

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