Beware, It’s Coming! Winter Is Nearly Here!

As the cold sinks into the late afternoons and the nights become too chilly to let you sit and chat on the back deck long into the night, you may want to move indoors. Yes, the trees are turning colors, the wild animals are in a feeding frenzy, and the spiders are beginning to move in around your home. Winter is nearly here. Here are four things you may want to do in your yard before winter arrives.

Move Clutter

If you have outdoor furniture, a firepit, or toys the children played with all summer, move them into garages or storage units, so the harsh winter winds don’t blow the items away or send them crashing into your home. Makes sure shed or outbuilding doors close properly, and all windows are secured.

Clean Yard

Bushes may need trimming, flowers may need to be cut back, and the lawn probably needs cutting and fertilizing for the long winter growth ahead. If you want a source of color all winter long, make sure you plant some hardy flowers now so they can set before the ground gets cold.

Wash House

As the spiders, rats, and roaches begin to move into available buildings, make sure yours is not one of them. Call a house washing Brevard County FL to remove spider webs from your home and to identify any weak spots in the siding. If any the technician identifies any holes the size of a dime, make sure to plug them up because they are open invitations for spiders and mice to enter your house.

Trim Trees

Trees need to be trimmed back every year, especially palm trees. Call in a tree trimming service and have them remove dead branches or dying sections of nearby trees, so winter winds don’t knock the branches into your home.

You can get ready for winter if you follow the four tips above. Then enjoy a game of golf or a stroll next to the water, knowing your home is safe from winter storms.