Celebrate terrazzo interiors on this week’s Pinterest board

From residential interiors to hotels and restaurants, terrazzo has been widely used by architects and designers in recent years. Our updated terrazzo Pinterest board includes the latest projects published on Dezeen that feature the design.

Marble and terrazzo tiles line the entrance hall floor in this renovated 1970s house

Among the most recent projects on the board is a 1970s house in London overhauled by Gundry & Ducker that features a terrazzo staircase and flooring, as well as a Beijing apartment that boasts colourful terrazzo fixtures.

The design is also popular in bathroom interiors. An example of the trend can be found at The Siren Hotel in Detroit, which features speckled terrazzo tiles in the showers and across the floors and basins.

Speckled terrazzo with base colours of red and blue is used in the bathrooms of this hotel in Detroit

Other images you can find on the board showcase restaurant and cafe interiors, such as a restaurant in New Haven, Connecticut, with a multi-coloured terrazzo counter and a cafe in the Silicon Valley with countertops and walls made of terrazzo.

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