How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?


How many solar panels do you need to power your house? Experts will be able to help you, but the simple answer is that an average house needs between 20 to 25 solar panels in order to be fully powered with solar.

But not all houses are alike. Every home is different in terms of its energy consumption and electricity requirements. Therefore, every home requires a different amount of solar panels and a different type of solar solution.

Let’s look at the various factors that go into determining how many solar panels are needed to power a house.

We’ll use this formula to calculate how many solar panels are needed to power a house:

Numbers of panels = Annual energy consumption / production ratio/panel wattage


Each homeowner has a different annual home energy consumption. The average American household’s monthly electricity consumption is 893 Kilowatt Hours. The number of people in your household, how many appliances you use, and the size of your house all play a role. The obvious fact is that the larger the family, the higher the electricity consumption. A larger home will consume more electricity to power everything. This includes more lights and HVAC units. Are you aware of how much energy your appliances use?

How Many Solar Panels Do I Need To Run My Appliances?

Which uses the most energy? You are correct if you think heating and cooling your house is the most energy-intensive. Your monthly electricity bill can be attributed to 30% space heating and cooling. As the planet heats up, so does the need for more heating and cooling to remain comfortable.

If this seems overwhelming, don’t be discouraged. Our sister company ESD Solar is comprised of energy efficiency specialists. They offer tips to help you reduce your usage and save money on your utility bills.

How to Read Your Electric Bill

To find out how much energy you use each month, get your most recent electric bill. This will tell you how many kilowatt-hours of electricity your household uses. We understand that electricity bills can contain a lot of numbers and information that can be confusing at first. has outlined that in detail.

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