How to Choose the Best Door Lock

The choice of door lock is one of the most important aspects of home security because it is your first line of defence against intruders. Numerous factors, such as the type, composition, size, cost, and design of the lock, will be considered in this guide to help you select the best lock for your home.

Along with discussing the significance of installing door locks, we will also cover how to read internet reviews, obtain quotes from several reliable companies, conduct routine testing, and speak with a locksmith. Now let’s get started!

Considerations when choosing a door lock

Before selecting a door lock, consider the type of door you have. Different doors may require specific types of locks. For instance, an exterior front door may need a different lock than an interior bedroom door. 

Type of the door

  • Exterior entry door – this door requires a high-security lock to protect your home. Grade 1 locks are recommended for maximum security.
  • Interior doors – these doors may not require the same level of security as exterior doors. Grade 2 or Grade 3 locks can be suitable depending on the room’s purpose.

Material of the door lock

The most popular materials for locks are brass, nickel, or steel. Let’s discuss each material’s pros and a downside in brief:

  • Brass locks are aesthetically pleasing and resistant to corrosion. However, they may not be as durable as steel locks.
  • Steel locks offer superior security and are remarkably durable. They are not as likely to deteriorate with time.
  • Nickel locks offer a balance between durability and aesthetics. They are resistant to corrosion and provide decent security.

Size of door lock

The size of the door lock matters, especially if you’re replacing an existing lock. Ensure that the new lock fits the existing holes and the door’s thickness. To make sure the door fits properly, measure the backset, which is the distance between the door’s edge and the hole’s centre.

Style of door lock

It will be best if the door lock style should match your door’s appearance and the overall design of your home. Modern, contemporary, and traditional styles are just a few of the numerous designs available. Select a style that complements both your door and your style.


The kind of door lock you can afford depends in large part on your budget. Prioritising security is crucial, but good locks are available for a range of budgets. Look for locks that provide the best combination of affordability and security while keeping an eye on your budget.

What type of door lock is most secure?

External house doors are frequently equipped with deadbolt door locks, which are the safest kind of key lock available. Grades 1 through 3 represent the strength categories for single and double-cylinder locks. The highest grade, grade 1, offers the best security.

Compared to conventional locks, deadbolt locks are more durable because they are made of machined steel and offer a much tighter seal for your doorframe.

Door lock installation

Proper installation of your door lock is crucial to its effectiveness. It’s best to contact a qualified local locksmith to install the lock correctly if you’re not sure you can do it yourself. A poorly installed lock may not provide the security you need.

The things you need to consider before you choose a door lock:

  1. Online reviews – before making a final decision, check online reviews of the door locks you’re considering. Reviews from other homeowners can provide valuable insights into the lock’s performance, durability, and security features. Search for locks with a solid reputation for dependability and positive reviews.
  2. Obtain quotes from several companies – It is advisable to get quotes from various locksmiths or companies once you have narrowed down your options. Finding the best deal and ensuring you receive a high-quality lock and expert installation are both possible with quote comparison. 
  3. Don’t forget to inquire about warranties or guarantees that come with the lock and installation services.
  4. Test your door locks regularly. After you’ve installed your chosen lock, it’s essential to test it regularly. Ensure that the lock functions correctly, the key turns smoothly, and there are no issues with latching or deadbolts. Regular testing helps you identify any potential problems early and ensures that your lock continues to provide reliable security.
  5. Consult a locksmith for advice. Never hesitate to seek the advice of a qualified locksmith if you’re unsure about the best door lock for your house. Locksmiths have extensive knowledge of various lock types and can evaluate your unique security requirements.


Your level of security and comfort is directly affected by the choice you make regarding door locks for your house. Making an informed decision requires taking into account various aspects such as the kind of door, material, size, style, and cost, along with the significance of correct installation, internet evaluations, obtaining multiple quotes, routine testing, and seeking advice from a locksmith. It’s important to keep in mind that purchasing a high-quality door lock is an investment in your home’s security, so you shouldn’t make this choice carelessly.

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