How to Take care of Your Piping System at Home to Avoid Leaks and Clogging

4 Commonly Neglected Plumbing Maintenance Tasks

The plumbing system on your house is an essential part of any structure. People usually take them for granted until they break. It may be time-consuming and expensive to fix a plumbing system, but it is always best to make sure these are in their best working conditions if you want your toilet, bathtubs, sinks, drainage pipes, drains, water piping systems to last longer. You can take some measures to ensure your plumbing system remains in good condition for a long time.

  1. Use Good Quality Water: Perform Water Analysis

A plumbing service involves more than just fixing leaks; it’s also about getting the water quality right. There are simple tests for water quality. The simplest one is the ph. Water with a pH of 7 is considered neutral. That means the water is neither acidic nor alkaline.

Pure water should have a pH close to 7. If the pH is significantly lower or higher than this, there could be big problems ahead. The water analysis may also include the presence of salts and minerals, which may affect water quality. Poor quality water may lead to clogging, corrosion, and even leakages.

  1. Install Calcite Neutralizer to Balance Ph.

Maintaining your plumbing system will ensure that you won’t have to use large amounts of chlorine at once. However, installing a calcite neutralizer provides an inexpensive way to effectively balance water pH for 12 months between chemical changes or filter changes.

With the automatic system, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to neutralize your cold water. Adding calcium may cause a buildup in the heating system; hence need to keep the system regularly.

  1. Install A Phosphate Feeder On Copper Pipes

A phosphate feeder before the copper pipes helps coat the interior of the copper pipes to prevent corrosion. The phosphate insulates the interior of the copper pipes. The insulation prevents the leaching of chemicals into the water, which comes from copper corrosion. The corrosion of copper water pipes increases levels of copper in water, causing a bitter metallic taste and may also be harmful for human consumption.

  1. Regularly Descale Your Water Pipes

Descaling water pipes helps remove minerals, rust, and smaller roots growing into the lines. If you do not keep your pipes clean, the water pipes may disintegrate, causing soft spots and even leakages. The disintegration of water pipes may leave you without water for weeks and lead to high repairs costs.

  1. Avoid Freezing of Water in Pipes During Winter

Proper plumbing system maintenance can prevent freezing problems in winter. Frozen pipes are common problems in houses, even with modern water heating systems. Some ways to avoid frozen pipes include;

  • Insulating pipes properly to prevent heat loss
  • Preventing the temperature from getting too low inside the house
  • Check and replace your expansion fittings and drain valves to reduce the chance of freeze-ups inside drain lines
  • Using antifreeze additive in the water heater tank to lower the freezing point of water to prevent damage during freezing weather.

Freezing can lead to burst pipes, water damage, and costly repairs. Make sure your plumbing lines stay un-frozen by taking simple precautions that you can do yourself. Your professional plumbers can help you keep your pipes in good condition and prevent freezing during winter.

  1. Always Ensure the Water Pressure in Pipes Is Correct

You can ensure correct pressure in water pipes with a simple low-flow aerator system and a series of pre-prepared spray nozzles. Proper water pressure helps maintain the efficiency of the heating pump, prolong the operation of sanitary ware and achieve lower costs due to reduced waste of hot water. However, interfering with water pressure may be dangerous. Hence it’s essential to hire a professional plumber to determine the correct pressure for your plumbing system.


The fact that your plumbing system is behind walls makes it tempting to think of it as a problem you will face later when you have time. But if your plumbing system breaks down when you least expect it, you could find yourself with tons of dirty, stinky water flooding into your home, ruining everything in its path. The best way to avoid this chaos is to make regular maintenance part of your routine, no matter how busy you are. Economy Plumbing Service will help you meet all your plumbing needs.