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Vernon, California. USA.

On Wednesday, April 13th, INDI held their first ever press conference during the media preview day of the 2022 New York International Auto Show!

indi logo

Indi logo.

Indi’s vision is that the INDI One vehicle can enable a new type of dynamic blockchain. In each INDI One vehicle equipped with their Vehicle Integrated Computer (VIC) system, they plan to enable the ability for the unit to act as a node for a blockchain. This means that with every unit sold, there is potentially one more node on the chain. With their large volume delivery timed for 2023, they expect their blockchain to surge in nodes in short time.

The impact of this will be that every vehicle purchased can option to participate in the blockchain ecosystem. Every vehicle could potentially earn revenue from passive participation as a node in the blockchain. This will enable every user, driver and owner to benefit from all transactions occurring on the blockchain. Using smart contracts, every node on the blockchain can receive a portion of transaction fees from all transactions on the blockchain. To support this, INDI will be issuing their own token in the near future. They will release more information about this soon.

(source: INDI)

indi 1.png

Indi One EV.

indi 2.png

Indi One EV.

indi dash

Indi One EV dash.

indi in

Indi One EV steering wheel.

indi powertrain

Indi One EV powertrain.


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