Kitchen eDesign Project: Before & After


You’re dreaming of a timeless kitchen design but the pink beige travertine floors are staying. Can it be done? The answer is YES! Take a closer look at my eDesign client’s fresh, but timeless kitchen design.

Sometimes you need the magic of my eDesign services, which instantly narrows down all your choices and provides a clear path. And that’s perfectly fine. 

But if you want MORE THAN the answers, like EXACTLY how my system makes these decisions EASIER – with beautiful results – then you need to take my course as well.

Kitchen eDesign project: before and after

I love getting photos of completed projects from my eDesign clients! This one is from Janice, thank you!  Here is her note:

“It helped me feel confident in the choices I made”

In 2021, you provided me with assistance on color choices for my cabinets and countertop and backsplash selections.  We started the project in October, and it was completed for the most part right before Christmas.  I am still working on some styling. I’d like to get some new stools, but in the meantime, I’m using my black Pottery Barn ones that were in my previous kitchen.

I’m very happy with how it turned out.  I am so glad I used your services to help me.   It made such a difference in helping me feel confident in the choices I made.   The cream paint color that you recommended looks so pretty and fresh.  Jan M.

Here’s her kitchen before:

And, just in case you need a reminder on how to choose countertops to coordinate with existing flooring, this is how it’s done. 🙌🏻

You must always place a piece of white paper in between the countertop samples AND your existing flooring. The white paper helps isolate the undertone visually which also helps make it so much easier to see which countertop sample works the best. 

And if you have pink beige floors, you need a pink beige countertop and here are the two we approved (she ended up with one very similar, she had to substitute based on stock shortages) I will post the cabinet colour and countertop name in the Killam Colour Academy Facebook page. You can get access with my Shop online course or my Virtual Live workshop.

Here is her kitchen below with the new countertops, paint and backsplash installed! 

The counter stools I recommend for this kitchen would be in a colour that visually repeats the pink beige travertine.

I love these woven ones from Serena and Lily and here’s what they might look like in the photo below with a little photoshop magic:

Serena & Lily Counter Stool

And here’s a  more sleek-looking flush mount light that would be better in her kitchen to add warmth.

Rejuvenation Flush Mount

Are there rules for mixing metals in your kitchen?

In terms of mixing metals, generally, the rule of thumb is that you should repeat each metal finish twice. Her brushed nickel hardware is repeated in the faucet and the stainless appliances.  If you look hard, there’s a little brass accent on the counter stools but in this case, the warmth of the brass flush mount again repeats the floor colour. So, we don’t actually need to repeat the warm brass colour here.

I also like this light bulb because it’s frosted, meaning the light doesn’t hit you directly in the eyeballs when you look up.  There’s also plenty of room for a lamp in this kitchen.  Perhaps you could add a lamp underneath the open shelving where the terra cotta vase sits?

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Serena & Lily Counter Stool

Here’s another before angle of the kitchen:

From this angle below, you can see more of her styling. The wood cutting boards also relate and repeat the colours in the chairs and flooring. I would also give this client bonus points for including space between her hood fan and the cabinets. That looks good with a stand-alone hood fan.

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Combine the clarity of eDesign with the knowledge of my system

I often get asked by readers if they should hire me for eDesign or if they should sign up for my course. And, my answer is BOTH.

Sometimes when we take on a renovation project, but one of the finishes is staying – like this floor – we start second-guessing our gut instincts on which colour is right?

Choosing the colour to pull any space together should be the QUICKEST and EASIEST part of the whole process of design. And that’s exactly how it goes when you learn my system. 

Is my floor too pink? Too orange? How can I move this kitchen forward, but also make timeless decisions in my renovation? If you’re spinning, it’s because you don’t know the right questions to ask. More specifically, you don’t know how to make the right comparisons.

Once you have a solid footing in my effective process for accurately choosing colour, you don’t need to rely on intuition OR overthinking. 

Designers already know this kind of clarity is beyond valuable. And, if you’re a homeowner, knowing WHY your pick is right is the best way to move your project forward and make a sound investment in a new paint job, bathroom or kitchen renovation, or beautiful new sofa. WITHOUT LOSING A MINUTE OF SLEEP OVER IT.

Whether you’re a pro, an aspiring designer, a colour-loving homeowner tackling a renovation, a budding home stager, or someone in the construction business, this course will remind you why you decided to get colour confident in the first place.

PS. After you’ve completed my Specify Colour with Confidence event you’ll be able to enrol in my brand new Advanced Course, the Business of eDesign. This course has 8 modules and you’ll be able to watch it at your leisure.  This course will be launched to previous True Colour Experts soon.

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