The Volvo Polestar O2 Sports Coupe Concept


By Giles Milner, July 1, 2022

Rory Reid takes a day off his main job, running a mobile pie & chips van, to concentrate on his second job, pretending to be a motoring journalist. The cost of living crisis has impacted Rory and his second job should allow his main business to survive these uncertain times. Nevertheless, Rory’s second job gets him privileged access to car launches and special invites.

Clearly, Rory’s pies and chips have impressed Volvo executives to such an extent that they invited him to take a look at the Volvo Polestar O2 coupe concept. As nice as the Volvo Polestar O2 coupe concept is, it will never make it to production.

Concepts are made for a number of reasons. For Volvo, it is a chance to visualize the company’s future design direction. Perhaps a future production-ready derivative of the O2 concept will incorporate certain styling elements. A car concept is also a chance to benchmark the design to a wider audience.

In addition, the O2 concept will generate publicity for Volvo Polestar. Will Volvo make the O2? No. The accountants will point out that sports coupes sell in low volumes and the likelihood of making a profit is unlikely in the long term. It is a nice concept though.

Volvo O2 Coupe Concept


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