This tile trick creates a more spacious-looking bathroom

The question of how to make a small space feel larger remains an enduring debate amongst designers. But while many look towards paint colors and others towards lighting effects – there is one factor that is often overlooked – until now. 

Designers have revealed that the easiest but most effective ways of making a small bathroom look bigger, and the good news is that this striking small bathroom idea is right on-trend. Yes, glossy tiles need to go on your remodel shopping list. But what do you need to know before you invest? Here, the experts impart their wisdom. The good news? It works in kitchens, too.

Using glossy tiles to make your bathroom look bigger

Glossy tiles in a bathroom

(Image credit: C.P Hart)

‘In smaller bathrooms, highly reflective gloss tiles are a great way to create a sense of space,’ says Andrew Bendall, Marketing Manager at Craven Dunnill Jackfield. The designer explains that the size-enhancing power comes from the way that the light ‘beautifully reflects off the glaze finish’ to create ‘a wonderful sense of openness’ that makes the room appear wider.