Vauxhall Astra 2022 UK review review


With 129bhp and 170lb ft – the exact same as its Peugeot 308 sibling – it shouldn’t arrive as a lot of a shock that the -62mph instances are also an exact match. Genuine, 9.7sec is not scintillating in this day and age but it is a comparatively punchy tiny lump and, with a balanced dose of torque out there at 1500rpm, it hardly ever struggles to pull in a high equipment.

There are two gearbox selections available and neither is any more or less suited to the 1.2. The upshifts of the 8-velocity automobile are not quick on a hard acceleration run, but it almost never will get flustered, whilst the manual has a somewhat prolonged toss but is accurate plenty of. Swings and roundabouts on both, then: in essence, if you do masses of miles in significant traffic, get the automobile, and if not, save on your own £1500 and choose for the 6-speeder.

Dynamically, the steering is accurate and the handling benign, but some rivals have a little bit a lot more joie de vivre about them. There is a far more highly effective PHEV coming so perhaps that will support the Astra.

Over-all physique command is impressive and the Astra feels well tied down over for a longer time undulations. Vauxhall’s Stellantis spouse Opel talks of this auto being autobahn all set, which tends to make sense provided the significant-speed safety it exhibits, but I suspect the companies have sacrificed experience consolation at the altar of the autobahn. The secondary trip is much too fiddly and chatters absent beneath you, buying out loads of undulations and normally jostling the driver around as well a lot.


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