Ways To Use a Pressure Washer

Have you ever washed your car and wished that you could do it in a fraction of the time? Do you look at your deck and wish that you could brighten it up without having to sand and repaint it? Luckily, that is where a pressure washer comes in. Many people think that a pressure washer is only for large-scale, professional jobs, but they’d be wrong. There are many ways around your house that you can use a pressure washer. 


After some time in the weather, even a simple metal fence can start looking pretty dull. Dirt and debris can build up and cause the fence to look old and weathered. When cleaning your fence, it’s crucial to stay at least 2 feet away. Additionally, you’re probably best off using a lower pressure head for this job. Getting too close or using a high-pressure head can damage the fencing.


If you’ve been wondering if your house’s siding should be repainted, clean it before making any final decisions. Just like with your fencing, dirt builds up over time and dulls the color of the paint. Make sure that you never get closer than a foot from the house with the washer. Furthermore, never spray close to areas with missed or damaged siding. The overspray could get underneath the siding and cause further problems. When cleaning the siding, the best rule of thumb is to start from the top and work your way down. Doing this will keep the dirty water from washing down onto already cleaned areas. 


You might not realize it, but your driveway likely looks much different than it did when it first got installed. Oil, dirt, and grime build up and darken the color of the concrete. Before pressure washing Tacoma the driveway, sweep it to remove any rocks or other debris that might be on it. Then, spray a degreaser and allow it to sit for about 15 minutes.  

When you’re using the washer to clean the driveway, use a high-pressure head for any trouble spots but a lower pressure head for the majority of the driveway. Remember to avoid any spots on the driveway that might be crumbling or having issues. Even a low-pressure head can cause more damage to those areas. 

Lawn Mower

It might seem crazy to clean your lawnmower this way, but grass and weed clippings accumulate and dry out over time and can be very hard to remove. After ensuring that the gas tank is empty, turn your mower onto its side and spray it clean. It should only take a few minutes to look as good as new.