What Is A Carbon Filter’s Role In Water Purification?


Each filter plays a vital role in the purification process. The carbon filter not only removes impurities but also enhances taste!

Water purification is made possible by carbon filters. They remove any unwanted chemicals or organic compounds, such as pesticides and chlorine.

They can also remove odors and improve the taste of water. The activated carbon particles trap all impurities in water as it passes through a carbon filter.

Both pre-RO and after-RO purification steps can use carbon filters. Let’s examine the benefits and importance of each.

Pre-RO Carbon Filter

Pre-RO Carbon filter removes as many impurities from the water as possible before it passes to the RO membrane. The reason is that carbon filters have a larger surface area, which means that all dissolved substances are attracted to the carbon particles. This stage is known as the Pre-RO Carbon filter.

Pre-RO Carbon filter protects RO membrane from chlorine, which can damage it by opening its pores. RO filters have a long life expectancy which means that they are easy to maintain.

Water passes through the carbon filter but still contains impurities such as TDS and heavy metals. These need to be removed. To ensure safe drinking water, additional purification stages like RO or UV are used.

Post-RO carbon filter

After the water has been filtered through RO steps, another layer of carbon filter, the Post-RO Carbon filter, is added. The last stage of water purification is usually the Post-RO Carbon filter. This stage of water purification is important for enhancing the water’s quality. It also acts as a polisher to improve the taste of purified waters.

Pureit carbon blocks use activated carbon made from high-quality coconut shells. This is a unique technology that provides maximum surface area for the absorption of impurities. Pureit carbon blocks effectively remove chlorine and other contaminants, until the last drop of purified drinking water.

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