What to Know When Redesigning Your Closet

There are not many people in the world who are lucky enough to have the opportunity to design their own closer. In fact, most modern homes come with stock standard designed closets which attempt to suit every body’s needs.

However, if it just so happens that you are one of those people and you are looking at designing a new closet, below are some great tips which can get you started.

How’s the View?

Not out the window! The view of yourself! After all, this is the space where you will be revising how you are going to project yourself to the world for the day. With this in mind, be sure that you plan adequate mirror space so that you can see yourself clearly and without obstruction.

If possible, look for a way to incorporate multiple full-length mirror panels so that you can easily assess your outfit from every angle without having to take awkward selfies.


When it comes to lighting, the first thing to realize is that LED lights have become very affordable and are extremely versatile and easy to install and operate. Instead of the standard single bulb in your ceiling, consider placing strip lighting behind spaces in your closet which can subtly light the area without being noticeable.

Along with this, connect the LED strips to a controller which you can use to adjust the color, brightness, and even the flashing pattern of any lights you have installed.

Allocating Space

Remember to think ahead when considering how much space you will need for your clothes and shoes. For example, if you just can’t get enough of the Groupon Coupons page for Nine West then instead of denying your shopping addiction, embrace it and plan for additional space for when more orders arrive.

If you have enough space, consider splitting your clothes storage space in two, with one section holding the clothes which are new and in seasons, and the other containing the clothes which you still wear but aren’t the latest fashions.


Of course, once you have sorted out the major details it’s now time to consider the small and finer touches which can make the space truly personal, such as:

  • Rotating tie rack
  • Heated sock drawer
  • Drawer for your watches
  • Space to sit
  • A monitor/TV screen
  • Inbuilt speakers or a Bluetooth speaker

Items like the ones above are great ways to take your closet design and use to the next level.


Last but not least, consider installing some art pieces in your bedroom and closet which can tie in nicely with each other. This is a great way to connect the two rooms and also add an artistic flair to your design. While you can choose to use professional pictures, don’t be afraid to use pieces which your youngsters have made or you along with anything you enjoy yourself. The purpose of this is to make the space your own and make you feel happy when you are using it, so don’t be afraid to really make it yours.

Along with the great ideas above, speak with friends and family members about their closets. Not the design, but ask them about any common annoyances they experience each morning so that you can design ahead.