Winterizing Your Family Room

Many homeowners have a check list of everything they need to do to before winter arrives, but they often forget about the little details that will make their home feel cozy. Switching out a few items, making sure the family stays warm, and being prepared for those long winter nights will make the colder days more bearable.

Switch It Out

You may already change things up for the holidays when it comes to home décor, but you are truly missing an opportunity to create a cozy and welcoming family room if you don’t switch things up a bit all winter long. This is the perfect time of year to take advantage of darker colors that make you feel warmer. Change throw pillows, drapes, and area rugs to darker colors.

Keep Warm

Make sure your heater is functioning properly before the temperatures drop. Fox Valley heating and cooling service providers like J. L. Wagner Plumbing and Piping Inc. can inspect your system to make sure it is ready to go. You can supplement the main heat supply with attractive space heaters that look like real fireplaces complete with faux logs and flames. Don’t forget to leave out some warm throws to cuddle under too.

Make Relaxation a Priority

Everyone gets bored easily at this time of year. Keep a basket filled with DVDs of favorite movies handy. Don’t pack the video games away, and make sure there are some good old fashioned board games within reach too. Even a well-stocked book shelf can help pass the time on those cold, dark days. Keep in mind that you’ll need a pantry filled with special treats like hot chocolate and popcorn as well.

Once these few simple changes are made to your family room, you’ll be able to actually enjoy the colder days of winter. Keeping warm, decorating accordingly, and having plenty of entertainment and refreshments on hand will keep you and your family from succumbing to the usual cabin fever.