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Images of items on sale at Amazon this weekend: BowFlex weights, the Revlon hair comb dryer, a 4K, and ear buds.

We’ve found you the best Amazon sales this weekend — to start spring on the right foot! (Photo: Amazon)

Spring is about to, well, spring, so it’s time to get organized, get motivated, and revamp your surroundings! For the best in smart TVs, personal tech, fashion and beauty must-haves, and the comfiest bedding to rest in at night, check out Amazon’s huge weekend sale, where all your essentials are available right now at amazing prices!

Looking for a stellar 4K TV to watch all your favorites in super-high-definition? Need a new vacuum to keep things tidy after the spring cleaning is done? Just looking for some great kitchen tech? We have you covered on those — and so much more.

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Find our favorite spring Amazon deals below!


The Insignia 50-inch F30 Series Smart 4K Fire TV on its streaming app home screen.

Get smart with the best in 4K television! (Photo: Amazon)

Looking for all your favorite entertainment at your fingertips with 4K resolution to match? Grab the Insignia 50-inch F30 Series Smart 4K Fire TV, on sale now for $300 (was $400).

This Insignia’s 50-inch screen is big and beautiful, providing four times the resolution of full HD. It’s also got Fire TV built in, so you can access thousands of shows, movies and games all via one easy-to-navigate interface. Not easy enough? You can even control it with your voice — just ask Alexa to launch apps, search for titles, play music and more.

One enamored five-star reviewer wrote: “The price cannot be beat. The picture is phenomenal. And the ease of the built-in Fire is the cherry on top.”

$300 $400 at Amazon

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Headphones, earbuds, smartwatches and tablets

The Sony WF-1000XM3 earbuds set against a boukeh background with one earbud coming out of the charging case.

The sound is clear — and so are the savings. (Photo: Amazon)

If you want to upgrade your audio experience, you won’t find a better deal on a killer pair of earbuds than this! Sony’s WF-1000XM3s are on sale for $128 at Amazon. Usually going for $200, these Sony true wireless earbuds sync via Bluetooth to your phone and laptop. They can also sync to more than one device at a time. That’s something even the over-the-ear headphones version can’t do.

The WF-1000XM3s also boast a whopping 24 hours of battery life with their charging case, as well as an additional 90 minutes of playback on just a 10-minute quick charge. This comes in handy when you just need to listen to a particular episode of your favorite podcast or make a dent in a playlist on a time crunch but don’t have a lot of time to charge up your buds.

“Amazing wireless earbuds. The sound quality that comes out of these small earpieces is beyond phenomenal. The crispness and clarity of the sound quality blows my mind away,” shared one five-star reviewer.

$128 $200 at Amazon

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The case for the video game The Last of Us Part II for PS4.

You’ll never forget playing The Last of Us Part II for the first time. (Photo: Amazon)

The Last of Us Part II is one of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time. Now available for $28 on PS4 (down from $40), there’s no reason not to add this to your cart and take a life-changing dive into the story of Ellie, one of the protagonists from the original LOU game. This journey takes you from the peaceful mountains and forests of Jackson to the lush, overgrown ruins of greater Seattle in an all-encompassing experience of tense action-survival gameplay.

Its almost 18,000 five-star ratings won’t steer you wrong. Raved one reviewer, “A story-driven masterpiece…Overall one of the best games on the PS4. Defining game of this console generation.”

$28 $40 at Amazon

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Smart home

The Amazon Echo 5 display shows a video call coming in from

One for the money, you for the Show! (Photo: Amazon)

One item that’s become increasingly useful, if not indispensable, around the house is a smart display. Put one in your kitchen for viewing recipe videos, the living room to display treasured family photos or the home office so you can sneak a peek the next time the doorbell rings — the possibilities are endless. And right now you can explore them all with Amazon’s Echo Show 5 — it’s down to $45, from $85, through Sunday!

This device has a 5.5-inch screen, a powerful 1.7-inch speaker and a 2MP camera for video calls. If you’re not comfortable with having a camera in your home, that’s okay — you can turn it off or just flip a switch to cover it. Otherwise, you’ll love being able to see loved ones like kids and grandkids and letting them see you.

Of course the marquee feature of the Echo Show 5 is Alexa, the voice assistant you can ask to do all sorts of things. Want her to play music, check the weather or turn the lights on and off? Your wish is her command, and she’s so easy to get started with.

This model is super popular with Amazon shoppers, earning more than 38,000 five-star ratings. One buyer says, “The sound quality is good. I use the timer, shopping list and music daily…Great device.”

$45 $85 at Amazon

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The Eufy robot vacuum is shown next to a strip and the app, which is displayed on a smart phone.

With the temps on the rise, you’ve got better things to do than vacuum the house. Luckily, the G30 doesn’t. (Photo: Amazon)

Keep your home clean without lifting a finger thanks to Anker Eufy’s G30 Robot Vacuum, on sale this weekend for $230 (was $320). This robovac has a path-tracking sensor to purposefully clean across all surfaces, and the included app allows you to both set cleaning patterns as well as check the cleaning history right from your smartphone or via voice assistant. Its “Boost IQ” technology automatically increases suction power when extra vacuuming strength is needed.

“This is my first robot vacuum, and I don’t know why it took me so long,” gushed one five-star reviewer. “This one is very easy to operate and schedule cleanings using the app! The battery lasts a long time…One of my favorite features though is how slim it is. I measured the floor clearance of my furniture and realized other popular brands wouldn’t fit. This one is perfect! I do empty the bin and clean the brushes after every use (personal preference) and have noticed my house seems cleaner. I highly recommend the RoboVac G30!”

$230 $320 at Amazon

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The Kizen Infrared Thermometer Gun displays a temperature of 25.5 degrees Celsius.

Make sure your car engine, your oven and your metabolism aren’t running too high. (Photo: Amazon)

We’ve all been more diligent about taking our temperatures and making sure we’re not running too hot…but did you know that you can apply that same technology to elevate your cooking? The Kizen Infrared Thermometer Gun, which you can score now for $17 (down from $30), can check the heat of your oven or griddle to make sure things are at the optimal temperature. Not only that; it’s also useful for completing HVAC projects, measure the temp of any vehicle’s engine and more, so you’ll find it a multipurpose marvel indoors and out.

One satisfied customer shared, “I find that there are truly ‘few’ good deals in the retail market. However, THIS IS ONE OF THEM! … Ease of use and accuracy out of the box is phenomenal; it never touches the hot surface so will never suffer heat damage; the warranty for such an inexpensive item is outstanding; and it even included batteries! Chalk me up as a fan!”

$17 $30 at Amazon

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A black and pink Revlon brand blow drying brush is set against a bright pink background.

One step to great hair — and great savings. (Photo: Amazon)

Looking to make a hair statement? The Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer Hot Air Brush combines the power of a hair dryer with a unique oval brush design to dry, smooth and style your hair in a single motion. Speaking of making a statement: It can be yours this weekend for just $35 (down from $60).

The Revlon One-Step, Amazon’s #1 bestselling hair dryer, rounds the edges of your hair while creating volume at the root for full-bodied, salon-quality blowouts at home. It’s designed with tufted bristles to detangle your strands and has two heat and speed options, as well as a cooling option to set your style.

“I have a lot of hair. A LOT. Like, ‘Wow, who is that Wookie over there?’ LOTS,” one satisfied beauty maven shared. “This thing took me eight minutes. I naturally assumed, upon finishing, that I had entered some sort of Amazon-created beauty time warp. I checked with my husband, in the next room, and in fact I did not go through a blowout wormhole….If you struggle with an overabundance of hair like I do, seriously consider giving this amazing contraption a try.”

$35 $60 at Amazon

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5 models wear different kinds of flare leggings: animal print, plain black, a grey and white pattern, pink florals, and a plain grey.

Add a little flare to your wardrobe! (Photo: Amazon)

If you love the easy, comfortable feel of leggings but find them unflattering on your body, you’re not alone. Conventional leggings hug every curve and taper at the ankle, creating a very “accurate” silhouette. Maybe a little too accurate. A flare leg tricks the eye by lengthening the leg. If you’ve ever wished for the comfort of leggings combined with the shape of your favorite jeans, we have great news.

The already affordable Satina High-Waisted Palazzo Pants, beloved by Amazon shoppers, are on sale! Down from $25 to just $16, these pants have more than 14,000 five-star reviews. Not only are they bringing back a silhouette we can’t get enough of — a great flare — but they’re redefining leggings in the process. Yep, these are spandex with a high, wide elastic waist — an updated twist on your most supportive yoga pants. The come in a slew of sizes, colors and patterns, and they’re making a major splash on Amazon.

“I am extremely persnickety as it relates to bottoms. I’m about 154 lbs, 5’3, in my 30s, and I refuse to show fat or muffin top, I have a high butt (like a double-butt!), and LOTS of cellulite,” wrote one fashionista. “These bottoms?? Bell-bottom flare is perfect. Length is perfect. These do not show cellulite. They don’t lift butt, but they keep in place nicely. The waist is not loose or tight, it’s just right…And they’re so colorful, not to mention soft!”

$16 $25 at Amazon

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Bedding and Home

The SafeRest King Mattress Protector is shown in its plastic zippered packaging with a photo of a happy family laying in bed on the front.

DON’T: sleep on this deal. DO: rest easy on this mattress shield. (Photo: Amazon)

Is your mattress clean and protected? With the SafeRest King Mattress Protector, you’ll never have to ask yourself that question again — and you can snag it this weekend for just $29 (down from $39) with the on-page coupon!

SafeRest mattress protectors are known for their premium protection against dust mites, fluids, urine, perspiration, and allergens. With just one unprotected fluid accident, a mattress can be left with a permanent stain or odor. SafeRest premium mattress protectors safeguard your mattress against fluids and stains, offering peace of mind and a more sterile sleeping environment for you and your family. Plus, SafeRest mattress protectors prevent dust mites from passing through the surface of the protector, and by reducing dust mite exposure to the mattress, the sleeper can better control their sleep environment resulting in a reduction in allergy triggers and overall better air quality.

An amazing review from a new dad shared, “My wife went into labor a year and a half ago and that labor went very quickly….so quickly that she ended up giving birth on our bed in the presence of EMTs…[When I arrived back home,] let’s just say I was fully expecting to be purchasing a new mattress. To my amazement, once I’d bagged our sheets and this mattress pad, our mattress was perfectly fine. I bought another one immediately and will continue to use this brand as long as it exists. I challenge anyone to put it through a more rigorous test and I’m positive it can stand up to some sweat or your child’s pee in the middle of the night. I could have posted a pic but it’s better for everyone if I don’t.

$29 with coupon $39 at Amazon

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Health & Wellness

A white hardcover book with the title

Step aside, Bill Maher; it’s time to learn the new New Rules! (Photo: Amazon)

There’s nothing like a global pandemic to get you thinking about your overall health.

‘Immunity’ is the word on everyone’s lips right now and, according to world-renowned doctor Frank Lipman, a strong immune system is within reach. Lipman, a New York City doctor and bestselling author whose patient roster includes Donna Karan and Bobbi Brown, has made it a mission to help the over-50 crowd face the current moment.

His brand new book, The New Rules of Aging Well: A Simple Program for Immune Resilience, Strength, and Vitality, is available now as an e-book for just $8.50. You can read it on your tablet or phone with the Kindle app — or, of course, on a Kindle. This book is the tool we all need right now: a smart, straightforward guide that speaks directly to the question: How can I build a strong immune system? The Kindle edition is packed with clear, actionable advice for building a strong immune system, losing weight, feeling younger and aging beautifully — which, as it turns out, are all related. As in, if you treat your body well and follow his simple program, all of the above benefits will follow.

“This is one of the kindest books to nudge you along in your health and well-being I have read in years,” gushed one fan. “Every page is filled with great information and inspires you to take small steps…This is a terrific book!”

$8.50 for Kindle at Amazon

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Sports, fitness and outdoors

The Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell, which is black with a red stripe in the middle and a handle on top, is shown against a patterned yellow background.

Get in a good lift at a great price! (Photo: Amazon)

Kettlebell workouts have grown in popularity over the past few years. Kettlebells are just so easy to use and super-effective for increasing strength, and they’re perfect for home workouts! However, not all kettlebells are the same. The best are adjustable, and therefore incredibly versatile. Top of the list? The Bowflex SelectTech 840 Kettlebell. It’s a single device that can have you lifting anywhere from 8 to 40 pounds. And guess what? We just spotted it at Amazon for $149, a sweet $50 off.

How does it work? While the kettlebell is sitting in the base, just turn the dial to the desired weight — 8, 12, 20, 25, 35 or 40 pounds — and you’re ready to lift. Additional features include free access (via the Bowflex app) to 24 trainer-led exercises — swings, rows, squats, twists — plus tips on improving your form.

One home fitness lover praised: “As a beginner to fitness, this is phenomenal. Even though it’s larger than standard kettlebells, its size and shape don’t interfere with your movements. The bell handle is a little thinner, but it’s very comfortable in my hands. Also, being able to quickly shift from one weight to another between exercises is so nice. In just three seconds you can have a heavy or lighter kettlebell.”

$149 $199 at Amazon

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